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PTI Moong Whole is one of the most widely use lentils in Indian cuisine. According to ayurveda, it is to be tridoshic and can balance any disturbances in the body. It  helps to make various dishes like dal soup and moong dosa. It is split and washed mung bean and looks like a small, plump, yellow split pea. PTI Moong Whole is to make a creamy and delicious dal that is a daily staple of the Indian sub-continent. 

Moong dal is the split version of whole mung beans (green gram) either with or without skin. The skinned version is known as yellow moong dal, yellow dal or yellow petite lentils. Split version with the skin is also as chilka moong dal, chilka mung or split green mung.

Nutrition of Moong Whole:


Moong dal beans are dry, mature mung beans that have been skinned. Naturally low in fat and high in fibre, a 1-cup serving of cooked moong dal has less than 1 gram of total fat, over 14 grams of protein and 15.4 grams of dietary fibre. A 1-cup serving contains 212 calories.


Vitamins: It is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and also in many minerals including iron, calcium and potassium. So it is a powerful source of vegetarian protein.

It good to Lose Weight: Moong Whole is consider as healthy weight loss food as it is a low-fat food rich in proteins and fibre. It curbs cravings and keeps us full for a long time. And it detoxifies the body and benefits the metabolism as well as the immune system.

Heart Friendly: It helps to lower the high cholesterol level in the blood system. Regular intake of Green Moong reduces bad cholesterol and improves the flexibility of arteries and veins. It also regulates blood pressure.

Controls Blood Sugar Level: Green Moong is full of complex carbohydrates in form of high fibre, which aids digestion. Complex carbs also stabilize blood sugar and control its sudden rise after a meal, while keeping the body’s energy at a balanced level. Green Moong can be highly beneficial for people having a high blood sugar level.

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