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777 Sri Ganesh Appalam 100g

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777 Appalams are International crunchy delicacy which needs no explanation. 777 Sri Ganesh Appalam is a "Fry and Eat" snack made out of urad dal as the major ingredients. Like crispies this is dip-fried in hot cooking oil and served hot. Appalam can also be roasted on open fire or in microwave oven. Appalams forms an integral part of a South Indian meal. 777 Sri Ganesh Appalam is a nice teatime snack for its crunchy, crispy nature. This is one of the tradition homemade snack food for any occasion. Enjoy your time with these crunchy and tasty side dishes for rice. These fried foods will give you a unique taste. These can be served fried, dried and even with some chat items. Enjoy the richness of flavour in each bite.