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PTI Masoor Gota 4lb

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Masoor Gota Daal is a special whole Red Lentil which is obtained by removing the greenish-brown shell of Masoor Lentils. Masoor Gota is full of delicate, nutty flavour which wakes up the taste buds. Masoor Gota gives an amazing taste when cooked after soaking in water for several hours. Its taste differs with the use of different types of spices. Masoor Gota is full of health benefits. It is full of proteins, dietary fibres, iron, potassium, vitamins and minerals. Dietary fibres in Masoor Daal improves digestion and with a high quantity of proteins, Masoor Daal is the best-suited substitute of meat and that’s why it is suitable for vegetarians as it meets all nutrition requirement. Masoor Gota can be used to make soups with onion and souring flavours such as lemon and tamarind.

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