Blue Bird Custard Powder Vanilla 500G

Blue Bird Custard Powder Vanilla is 100 percent vegetarian with absolutely no egg content. It can be had plain or with jellies, fresh or stewed fruits. It can also be served with truffles, cakes, and pastry fillings. A gentle exfoliate, custard powder rich with vitamin B12 and Proteins can also treat and soothe irritated skin, blisters, sores, bug bites, and more. To use Blue Bird Custard Powder, First measure Blue Bird Custard Powder (20g. for Custard Sauce, 30g. for Fruit Salad, 40g. for Pudding) into a bowl. Boil the 500ml milk with 50g. sugar stirring it properly. Then remove from heat. Add the paste and cook again for 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously to avoid burning.

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