Britannia Nutri Choice Oats, Almond & Milk Cookies 75G

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Britannia Nutri Choice Oats Almond & Milk Cookies are a delicious healthy snack that is a combination of rolled oats, wheat bran, crunchy almonds, and goodness of milk. These high-fiber Oats and almond biscuits are perfect for whenever you want to snack on healthy biscuits.

Britannia NutriChoice Heavens cookie contains the goodness of whole grain oats. Oats are healthy, but not very easy to consume - they taste bland and need to be cooked. Britannia Nutri Choice Oats cookies made with crunchy Almonds and goodness of milk, a delicious new way to have Oats. Now have Oats whenever you like. NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies are Diabetic Friendly healthy biscuits crafted specially to provide a healthy snack for Diabetics. Made with zero added sugar, these Oats biscuits have Low Glycaemic Index. These cookies for diabetics also have complex carbohydrates and are high in fiber.

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