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Ching's Egg Hakka Noodles 150g

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Ching's Egg Hakka Noodles being high in protein and low on sugars also help preserve fat and are simple to cook. Delicious and strong Chings Hakka egg noodles are a genuine pleasure Authentic Chinese flavors and the blend of noodles and egg is an unbeatable recipe. Ching's noodles are non-sticky so that each strand maintains its form, and retains flavors uniformly across its surface to ensure each bite of your scrumptious noodles is as delicious and tantalizing. Noodles with the goodness of egg, Ching's Hakka Egg Noodles is the one to eat. Chings Hakka egg noodles are made from the finest durum wheat flour, these noodles have been perfected by Capital Foods.

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