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Desi Haleem Mix 2Lb

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Desi Haleem Mix has the perfect proportion of powder lentils, wheat and spices to help you prepare the traditional creamy and grainy Haleem Curry. A traditional haleem is prepare by firstly soaking wheat, barley and gram lentil overnight. A spicy meat gravy called Korma is to prepare until the meat becomes tender. The wheat, barley and gram are boil in salt water until they are tender. The cooked wheat, barley and lentils are then mix with the meat gravy and blend with a heavy hand mixer to obtain a paste-like consistency. The cooking procedure takes about 6 hours to complete. However, haleem preparation varies in different regions.

Traditional haleem is cook for more than eight hours with protein-rich ingredients such as minced meat, multi grains, lentils, spices, dry fruits and ghee. It is not deep fry and is load with nutrients that help in improving energy levels. Its dietary fibre content helps in building muscle.

Haleem is a concoction of healthy ingredients including wheat, pure ghee, meat and several spices such as cardamom, cumin, cashew, pistachio, etc. During Ramzan, Muslims fast for all day and breaking the fast with haleem gives them instant energy. It fills them up with nutrition that the body is devoid of for long hours of fast. 


Desi Haleem Mix has high-calories that gives instant energy, as it contains slow-digesting and fast-burning ingredients. The dry fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants add to its nutritional value. The meat and dry fruits make it a high-protein food. But we have find that many Hyderabadis who feast on haleem and biryani actually gain weight. Made of meat, ghee, spices and dry fruits, haleem is protein-rich and helps in gaining strength. The haleem was very well balanced, mildly spicy and not overly rich. It was ground quite finely and the nuts are cut quite small. Overall, it was a delicious, easy to eat haleem with its own unique taste. Every 100 gm of haleem contains 157 calories, 9.7 gm of protein, 6.86 gm of fat and 15.2 gm of carbohydrates. An active person is justify that, to take this fat content if the rest of the diet is normal. One item of food cannot affect the weight of a person; it depends on the regular intake.

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