Khazana Paneer Makhanwala Spice Mix 75G

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Khazana Paneer Makhanwala Spice Mix - Paneer is the only type of cottage cheese traditionally used in Indian cuisine that defines sumptuousness in the vegetarian feast. A buttery gravy with cashew and tomato with a soothing flavor of spices, a true indulgent. It is a mix of butter- a full Cottage cheese dish.

Key features:

1. No added MSG, no artificial flavors, no added colours & preservatives.

2. Lip-smacking taste, super convenient & cooks in minutes.

3. Use 'Khazana Paneer Makhanwala Mix' for the easier and the most convenient way for home preparation without compromising the taste.

4. Reduce cooking preparation time by using Khazana ready-to-cook spice mixes range.

5. Each packet serves 4 persons.

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