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KOI Chicken Curry Paste 100G

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Entice your taste buds and go on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine with Kitchens of India Chicken Curry Paste. Thick tomato-onion gravy, which combines the choicest spices in just the right measure. Recreate the taste of truly mouth-watering Chicken Curry with KOI Chicken Curry paste which has a delicate balance of rich herbs and spices. Convenient and easy to use, Chicken Curry can be ready in minutes; Just add water and tender nuggets of chicken to this curry paste, cook it either in the microwave or on the pan, and you’re ready to serve an authentic Indian gourmet creation. KOI Chicken Curry Paste for Chicken Curry is created by the Master Chefs of award-winning restaurants of ITC hotels, using robust local ingredients and an authentic Indian recipe rooted in tradition and heritage.

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