Laxmi Toor Dar Oily Vasad Madhi

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Laxmi Toor Dar (also know as Plain Vasad Madhi or Spilt Yellow Peas) is a popular legume that is used in a variety of popular Indian dishes. Laxmi Toor dar oily is ideal if you are planning to store it for a longer period, as the oil works as a natural preservative and protects the dal from getting infested. It should be consumed after been rinsed with water properly so that the oil in it gets washed away. Toor dal is the most widely used dal in India. It is slightly sweet, nutty flavored lentil is highly digestible. This South Indian staple is included in sambar and rasam soup. This "Madhi" variety is premium quality and comes from a the Western region of India known for its luscious and fertile soil.

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