PTI Black Salt Whole 200G

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Black Salt or Kala Namak is a rock salt that comes from the salt mines of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other locations of the Himalayas. PTI Black Salt, with a pungent flavor, is useful in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine. This Black salt is a great natural choice to regular table salt.

PTI Black Salt varies from regular table salt in the way it tastes. Black salt may contain less sodium than table salt. Because of its lower sodium content, black salt may be a better option for people with high blood pressure. It also contains important minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, which are essential to healthy bodies. A pinch of Black salt can reduce the formation of gases and limit bloating. It also contains a sufficient amount of potassium that is crucial in improving muscle functioning.

Black salt is useful in many Indian and Asian cuisines as a flavor enhancer. Indian Kala namak goes in many dishes such as pickles, salads, chutneys, raitas, and fruit salads. Black salt can enhance the flavors in fried foods as well - sprinkle over snacks like fried peanuts, fried legumes, and pair with classic Indian spices such as coriander seeds, mango powder, and turmeric. Including black salt in your diet can also help arrest hair fall, reduce dandruff, and promote healthy, lustrous hair.

Add  1/2 a teaspoon of black salt powder in warm water and drink it on an empty stomach every morning. This solution will help as a natural detoxifier and flush all toxins from the body. It is also recommended to chew on a pinch of black salt after a meal for strengthening the gums and better digestion.

Black salt for skincare Its anti-inflammatory properties and coarse texture help heal cracked heel, swollen foot. In addition, it also acts as a cleanser that helps open closed pores and provides glowing skin.