PTI Brown Mustard Seeds 200G

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PTI Brown Mustard Seeds are very popular in the Middle East and Asia. The seeds separate from their seed coats and are very small. Brown mustard seeds have been in use since ancient times by the Romans. Whole mustard seeds have a mild aromatic nutty taste as long as you do not bite into them. You can only feel the actual taste of the seeds if you bite into them. It is pungent and strong.

PTI Brown Mustard Seeds are a common ingredient in Indian cooking. The beauty of mustard seeds is how the flavor changes according to how you use them in a dish. However, there are some dishes, in Indian cuisine, that use black mustard seeds for spice and texture. Tadka or tempering is a cooking method in which cooking oil is heated until very hot and whole spices are added to it. This oil and spice mix is then added as a final touch or garnish to the dish. In Indian cooking, Black mustard seeds are often part of the Tadka in a dish. You can also add mustard seeds in your salad dressing, marinades, fish curries, pickle, or chutneys.

Since the mustard plant is from the same family as cabbage, and broccoli, So the mustard seeds are naturally rich in minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Adding mustard seeds to food especially those known to cause indigestion can help bowel movement due to the fiber content present. The active minerals help in maintaining strong bones and strengthen nails, hair, and teeth. Mustard seeds are also effective when you are suffering from headaches and migraines. The seeds are rich in magnesium that soothes our nerve system and relieves the pain and strain in any different parts of our body.

Store Mustard seeds in an air-tight container in a dark, dry place. It will keep up to one year.