PTI Cumin Powder 200G

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PTI cumin powder or Jeera powder is made by dry roasting cumin seeds and then grinding them to a fine powder. Cumin seeds burst into flavor when one seed comes into your mouth while the ground cumin mingles well with the base of the dish and becomes a part of the overall taste profile. Its distinct aroma have made it an inseparable ingredient of hundreds of Indian cuisines. Cumin powder has a warm, earthy flavor with a bit of sweetness.


Using PTI Cumin Powder as a spice increases antioxidant intake, promotes digestion, provides iron, may improve blood sugar control. It may also reduce food-borne illnesses. Cumin’s traditional use as a seasoning may restrict the growth of infectious bacteria and fungi.

You can lose fat from your belly as well as your whole body within just 15-20 days. Mix one teaspoon of cumin powder with one teaspoon of yogurt and have it after your meals for 15 days. Boil one cup of water and add cumin powder to it. You can also add a little salt to make the drink taste better. Drink this after your meals every day for 20 days. Jeera water may jump-start your metabolism and help balance blood sugar, in addition to boosting your hydration.

One can sprinkle cumin powder into my bowl of plain yogurt and it instantly perks up its taste. Apart from plain yogurt, you can also add it to raita recipes like boondi raita. You can also add it to summer beverages due to its cooling properties. Add it to chaas, ragi malt, jaljeera, shikanji etc. Cumin powder is a must-use spice powder in Chaat recipes. Just a little sprinkling on ready chaat, sandwiches, rolls, and wraps elevates their flavor a lot. Both meat and vegetable dishes, as well as in soups and sauces use cumin powder.

Store the powder in an airtight container in a cool and dry place to minimize the loss of aroma.

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