PTI Kashmiri Mirch Powder 400G

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PTI Kashmiri Mirch Powder is a blend of medium-quality red pepper mostly use for tandoori dishes. The roasted Kashmiri chili has a very pleasant aroma. It can redden anything that is capable of absorbing color like oil and surface of the meat, etc. Rich wine red color, shriveled appearance, and not so spicy, that's the definition of Kashmiri chilli. The Kashmiri chilli is smaller, rounder, and less pungent, but lends a very bright red color to the food. PTI Kashmiri Mirch Powder offerings are of superior quality. They provide rich color and aroma when used in the preparation of the dishes. 


This chilli pepper is either use fresh, dried, wrinkled, or grounded. It is using to give flavor and color to curries, vegetables, sauces, soups and stews. It is also popular in marinades alongside chopped onions and tomatoes. The chilli imparts a rich red color when added to gravy making the dish eye-feasting. Fried or dried chilli is use to make hot sauce, a bottled condiment.

Advantages of eating Kashmiri red chilli powder:

Its mild taste, attractive color, and many health benefits make it an important ingredient for the Indian kitchen. It can be given to kids and to those who do not like much spicy food. Low on heat but extremely rich nutritional value, Kashmiri red chilli is a source of myriad health benefits. It is load with vitamin A and may be helpful in improving eyesight.

It is rich in Vitamin C that helps in building up immunity. Vitamin C is also very useful for the skin & health of blood vessels. The presence of iron and copper in Kashmiri red chilli is essential in generating new blood cells. Issues of indigestion can be easily resolve with the regular use of Kashmiri red chilli. Not only it aids in digestion but also controls intestinal gas problems. May be beneficial for the nervous system.

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