PTI Rattan Jyot 50G

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PTI Rattan Jyot is the original natural food colouring that gives the famous Kashmiri dish Rogan Josh its signature red colour. Alkanet root, better popular as Ratan Jot, is traditionally using to add colour to Indian food.

Kashmiri Pandits use a dried herb called Ratan Jot to add a pleasing red colour to their dishes. This spice was originally used in many much-loved Indian dishes such as Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken. It is a herb that one rarely comes across now, after the advent of synthetic food colours. Along with Kashmiri chillies which are red and appear flaming hot in appearance but lack pungency. Ratan Jot provides many Kashmiri and Punjabi dishes their dashing good looks!

Alkanet root is soluble in alcohol, ether and oils, but is insoluble in water. Therefore, fry approximately a teaspoonful of Ratan Jot in 2-3 tablespoons of warm oil (ghee is a better option for superior flavour). When the liquid turns a deep red, strain it using a metal sieve, keeping the oil and discarding the Ratan Jot. This oil or ghee will turn your curries a natural flaming red, without the heat of course!

Uses of Ratanjot:

PTI Rattan Jyot helps protect your skin from a skin infection, inflammation and even treats burn scars. It is widely used in various face masks, and other skin products for healing burn scars due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties and cooling effect to absorb heat out of the skin. Ratanjot is beneficial in reducing the feeling of fever and headaches. It helps induce sweating and can thus help bring down your body temperature during fever. 

There are several benefits of Ratanjot for hair. Ratanjot or Alkanet can act as a natural dye for your hair. It helps restore and strengthen your hair from the roots. You can use Ratanjot powder for grey hair, as it provides natural colour to hair. Ratanjot oil extracted from the roots can address various hair problems such as profuse hair fall, grey hair and avoid symptoms of baldness.

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