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Puja Greh Havan Samagri 200G

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Puja Greh Havan Samagri is a mixture of dried herbal roots and leaves that are burned during yagnas and homas. Havan Samagri (a mixture of various dried herbs, roots, and leaves) is offered in the ablazed fire which disseminates in microform, in the air, to purify the environment besides activating the air as a disinfectant germicidal agent. It is anti-bacterial and is made from high-grade raw materials. The main ingredient used in Havan is mango wood when burnt releases Formic Aldehyde, a type of gas that is used for killing harmful bacteria, thus purifies the atmosphere. It is believed that a havan purifies the environment and the devotee as well. When the samagri burns in the fire, it lets out smoke and fragrance which purifies the environment and is said to be anti-bacterial if the quality of the material is fine.

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