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Telugu Nalla Karam Podi 100g

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Telugu Nalla Karam is a traditional homemade flavored Spice Powder from the brand Telugu Foods. Telugu Nalla Karam Podi is almost black in color and derives its name from its color. The color comes from the use of the urad dal with skin and roasted curry leaves, while the Karam (meaning spicy) comes from the use of spicy red chilies.

Nalla Karam literally translates to ‘Black chili powder’ in Telugu. Andhra cuisine boasts of a variety of spiced powders like gun powder aka Kandi podi, Karam podi, sesame seeds powder, dry coconut powder, and curry leaves powder. But, it is similar to Karam podi yet different in terms of looks, texture, and flavor. Each home has its own version of podis and over the years we have been trying out various permutations and combinations trying to achieve that ‘perfect podi’.

Red chilis that are slow-roasted to a dark shade, roasted curry leaves, and black gram dal with husk are the main ingredients that give the podi its dark shade. Coriander seeds, tamarind, and raw garlic give the podi a wonderful texture and flavor. You love the flavor of raw garlic that mixes well into the roasted ingredients. So, It enhances the flavor of Nalla Karam by leaps and bounds. This podi is best to serve with hot steamed rice and a dollop of ghee or gingelly oil. It also makes for a delectable side with idli. Liberally sprinkle the podi on the warm idlis, drizzle some gingelly oil or ghee and relish.

Telugu Nalla Karam Podi 100G is a Stunning Product of the Telugu Grocery Collections. looks so good on the outside, it will make you feel good inside. it is a good quality product.


1. Good protein content.

2. Zero cholesterol.

3. Hygienically packed.

4. Easy to cook.

5. High in fiber.

6. Feel the quality.

7. Enhanced taste due to minimal loss of natural proteins.

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