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Wagh Bakri Instant Ginger Tea 200G

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Wagh Bakri Instant Ginger Tea Premix with an invigorating taste is a rich antioxidant and the spicy heat of ginger with multiple health benefits. To relish this amazing tea, all you need to do is mix it in hot water. Now we also have No Added Sugar variant available for our health-conscious customers. A person can drink ginger tea as a complementary remedy for nausea, digestive issues, and symptoms of the common cold. Some research also suggests that it may help regulate blood glucose and be beneficial for NAFLD. Ginger tea may also help people with arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Other Benefits are Rejuvenating, Tangy and Healthy, Lemon Flavoured Tea, Get Refreshed In No Time, Tastes like homemade tea.

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