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Alsi Pinni Recipe

Alsi pinni


Alsi (flaxseed) is loaded with healthy nutrients.

It is very rich in dietary fibers and keep you full for longer period. It also helps to lower blood pressure and it is a rich source of lignans which helps to reduce cancer. Alsi is used in various forms in Desi food but Alsi Pinni is one of the most popular among all. Specially during winter season Alsi pinnis are made in almost every household in North India.


Here I am going to share a very quick and simple alsi pinni recipe which is loaded with lots of health benefits.


Total time 1.5 hours


Alsi 1 kg

Gur 1 kg

Khoya 400 gram

Wheat flour 500 gram

Desi ghee 1 kg

Almond 300 gram


 Roast Alsi, let it cool down for a bit and grind it into textured powder.

 Roast wheat flour till the color changes a bit and keep it on side.

 Roast almonds and grind it to fine powder.

 Crush jaggery  and put small amount of water and let it dissolve and cook it into  a syrup

In a separate big steel vessel heat Desi ghee, put khoya in it and stir continuously for 5 minutes.

 Once khoya is roasted a bit add also powder, wheat flour and Almond powder. Mix well and keep the heat on for 2-3 minutes and stir continuously.

 Let it cool down a bit and make balls and store it in air tight container.

 Best served with tea 🍵.