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Apples (1 Count) - 0.79$

Banana (1 Count) - 0.39$

Cucumbers (Mini Pack of 5) - 3.99$

Baby Carrots (Pack of 4, 400gm) - 2.49$

White Potato (Loose) - 1.49$

Broccoli Crown (1 Count) - 2.49$

Rice Flour (2Lb) - 4.67$

Rice (8Lb) - 9.99$

Queen Victoria set a record for a British monarch by reigning for over 63 years and 7 months which was only beaten by Queen Elizabeth II in September 2015. The sovereign’s official birthday was/is still celebrated often on the King’s or Queen’s actual birthday. In 1958, Empire Day became Commonwealth Day which was moved to the second Monday in March and the Monday before May 25th then became significant as Victoria Day, which is also a Canadian holiday.

Spices in order to release their essential oils, most of them except for a few like nutmeg are dry roasted before being ground into spice mixes. Usually using a spice grinder rather than a mortar and pestle is preferable to blend to make sure that your mixes are ground finely. This is because a few spices like cassia bark are very tough and hard to blend into a fine powder.