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Lord Ganesh is therefore always depicted with an elephant’s head, four arms and muscular torso. Also known by several other names like Lambodara, Ekdanta and Vinayaka, Lord Ganesha is worshipped for blessing humans with fortunes and wiping off any obstacles and bad omens from their path.
Usually, foods that are labelled as “100% organic” must have only organic ingredients. The foods labelled with only the word “Organic” must at least contain 95% of ingredients as organic.
Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi festival is a day between siblings to express their affection, love and appreciation for each other by tying the rakhi and gifting hampers or money or both. This is a significant tradition followed on this particular day to represent the gratitude towards each other that the siblings share.
Usually, every year the last day of the Sawan (Sravanam) month is marked to celebrate the Rakhi festival, which is considered to be a Full Moon day. Raksha Bandhan for this year 2023, falls on Wednesday, August 30th. And the time to tie Raksha Bandhan Bhadra ends and begins Rakhi after 9:01 pm.
Storing the chopped produce in the freezer helps them to stay fresh for a longer time. Freezing your produce raw is the best way to prevent browning as well as preserve the nutrients in them.
Whether it be working from office or home or anywhere, having hands on a few snacking items during the midday is a must. Also having the snacks during the midday is th best since your metabolism is in an active process and healthy.
Making your first meal of the day filled with vitamins and minerals will increase your metabolism and keeps the body fit. A lot of studies proved that people consuming breakfast on a daily basis likely have low serum cholesterol levels than people who dint consume breakfast regularly.
Often food poisoning occurs due to bacteria that formed on food stored incorrectly or handled badly or cooked without proper precautions. Contaminated food may smell or taste or look normal but it is strictly advised not to have hands-on stale food.
Who doesn't love desserts after dinner? But that doesn’t mean we can have ice cream and other unhealthy desserts to satisfy our craving. It doesn’t help if you are trying to lose weight and keep your body fit. Instead, try these healthy alternative desserts that give ultimate pleasure and contentment to your sweet longing.
Eggs help to bind ingredients in the recipes and lend some moisture to add that richness while baking. People who go eggless and are vegans who are basically allergic to eggs often substitute them with a few other ingredients to cook and prepare dishes having eggs as the main ingredient.
Adding few ingredients to the food look appealing and colourful but the ingredients added to the processed food are cheaper. These ingredients are almost like food chemicals which are very dangerous to health indirectly causing cancer and other diseases. Let us see a few must-avoid food ingredients in our daily life.

While travelling and moving around for days and days, carrying a few healthy opted snacks with us helps a lot to avoid food cravings at times. Snacks are essential to balance your diet. Consuming healthy and dry snacks often keeps your body's energy levels up and helps in engaging in your whole day's activities. 

However, not all snacks and foods are preferable as very few of them are abundant in vitamins and nutritious. Few other snacks are rich in calories, carbohydrates, salt and sugar having a very small amount of nutrients. Always opt for snacks that are healthy and are rich in nutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein filled.