Spices in order to release their essential oils, most of them except for a few like nutmeg are dry roasted before being ground into spice mixes. Usually using a spice grinder rather than a mortar and pestle is preferable to blend to make sure that your mixes are ground finely. This is because a few spices like cassia bark are very tough and hard to blend into a fine powder.

Since most of the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen handy, you can do it yourself (DIY) face masks, facial for healthy skin. Always make sure to patch test before you apply any DIY masks to your face.
Everyone including myself remembers their mothers and mother related figures such as stepmoms, mother-in-law, relatives, foster parent guardian, or even a family friend on this particular day in special. People celebrate the day in different ways which are many of a kind. 
It is always said that a desi restaurant gives the best food experience in one’s life especially if they aren't used to the food frequently. And also the experience at a desi restaurant always makes the customers return back! So here are a few tips in order to have a splendid experience of the authentic flavours of Indian food at your local Desi restaurants 

This chocolate cake recipe in the microwave can be baked and cooked in just around 2 minutes and it really tastes delicious. You can do the same process with any of your favourite flavours but we personally prefer chocolate flavour as it would well get complimented with different nuts, chips or with hot fudge or brownie too. In total, the recipe takes around 8 minutes for serving where 6 minutes is taken for the preparation and 2 minutes for cooking/baking in the microwave. Here the recipe quantity we are providing can be served for 2 people. 

A very healthy delicious and savoury easy made recipe dish which can be complimented well with pickles, yoghurt, chutneys or even any cream is the chickpea flour pancake. It is an Indian Cuisine that can be prepared and cooked within 5 minutes each.

Usually, people who get to take 10000 steps per day will have a bigger stroke volume (blood the heart pumps per beat) than compared to people who take less than half of 10000 steps a day. Also, the disease risk is very less for someone who takes 10000 steps a day on a regular basis.

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and a new life. Easter is widely celebrated as a Christian holiday. Christians celebrate this day as the death and resurrection of Jesus. This implies that it is the core of this religion and without this, there is no point in Christianity. The date of this festival is not fixed every year, but it occurs on a Sunday. Sunday holds a special significance as on this day, Jesus rose from the dead. This day is believed as the day of honouring and recognising Christ’s resurrection.

On Good Friday, Prayers and meditations are held in various churches. People go to the church and remember the almighty in their prayers. They remember the Lord for his supreme sacrifice for humankind. In addition to this, Christians purify their souls by fasting.
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There is a vast Sikh community that has its residents in Canada. They come together with great zeal to celebrate this. Nagar kirtans are held and people joyfully take part in these. In the United States, individuals from Los Angeles and Manhattan commemorate the festival with immense enthusiasm.
One shouldn't miss to the fact that it is highly impetus to stick to healthy snacks that are suitable to eat while you have a hectic travelling schedule. Yes of course there are plenty of junk foods that pull us towards them specially while travelling. To help us stay healthy and without any digestion problems during the travel hours, we need to surely have a pack of healthy snacks to carry with us.