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Keeping a quick condensed note on what vegetables, foods and fruits can help you stay fit and healthy during the fall season aids in your daily meal planning. A good-stocked pantry with a variety of fall season vegetables, fruits and staples is one of the main good habits you can adopt. 

More effective time-saving hacks and tips for parents to manage their tight schedule of sorting out their kids' things while they return to school after a long summer vacation.
After the long summer holidays, when kids return back to their school, certainly there must be a few tips to be followed in order to get in line with your kid's daily schedule in a proper way which could be quite challenging.
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Indian dishes often include ingredients that regularly keep the body cool during summers to withstand the hotness. The ingredients like mint, yoghurt, tamarind, garlic and onions have a cooling effect and aid in better digestion. 
During these summer evenings and mornings adding up refreshing smoothies, fruit juices and quite delicious Indian snacks to your menu would definitely fulfil your cravings.
Rakhi as well known festival for mainly Indians is celebrated grandly by siblings enjoying and savouring every moment that particular day. To make it a thing to remember that siblings have an unbreakable bond, sisters tie rakhi to their brothers and offer them, sweets, with an arthi as a custom. Brothers gift their sisters with anything of their interest. 

Simple shakes and smoothies are the easiest and quickest way to soak all the food's nutrients, be it veggies or fruits or nuts etc. These simple shakes which we are going to list below are not only delicious, and nutritious but also are an instant dose of energy in our daily diet. They can also treat your skin by making it glow aiding in your weight loss.

In order to keep your body's immune system strong, certain foods must be included in your diet on a regular basis. This eventually helps you to prevent the flu, colds, and other infections while you may be attacked when stepping out of the home. 
The best home available handy anti-oxidant is turmeric that's daily used in kitchen cooking chores etc. Turmeric also acts as an antiseptic and has skin brightening properties. To remove tan on the face or any part of the body and also treat blemishes turmeric works the best.

Canada is America’s largest country on the North side and every year it is a must to celebrate the CANADA DAY on 1st of July. It was the day of the date when the great nation of Canada was born and it is marked as Canada day. 

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On every third Sunday of June of every year, people around the world celebrate FATHERS DAY which is now on June 19th of this year 2022. Fathers day is just dedicated to fathers, father figures and people whom we thought as they helped us to shape our minds playing a vital role in making our dreams come true.

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The tea that most of the North People drink is almost with no flavour and no need for sugar and is also not close to the tea/chai version that is drunk by millions of Indians.