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Healthy Must Foods/Snacks To Carry While Travelling | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

While travelling and moving around for days and days, carrying a few healthy opted snacks with us helps a lot to avoid food cravings at times. Snacks are essential to balance your diet. Consuming healthy and dry snacks often keeps your body's energy levels up and helps in engaging in your whole day's activities. 

However, not all snacks and foods are preferable as very few of them are abundant in vitamins and nutritious. Few other snacks are rich in calories, carbohydrates, salt and sugar having a very small amount of nutrients. Always opt for snacks that are healthy and are rich in nutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein filled. 

Healthy snacks nourish your body and maintain the blood sugar level consistently. Including nuts, fruits, and seeds into your diet as mid-day and travelling snacks are a perfect way to offer nutrients to your body while keeping your stomach full for quite a long period of time during journeys.


Healthy Must Foods/Snacks To Carry While Travelling | Cereal Based Nuts & Oats | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me

These cereal-based nutty snacks are also popularly known as Granola snacks. Granola snacks are very convenient and handy to carry along during road trips since they even need not be refrigerated. Usually, many granola snacks are high in sugar content so opt for natural-based granola snacks that are healthy. You can carry items like nuts like almonds, pistachio, oats, chai seeds and dry fruits. 


Healthy Must Foods/Snacks To Carry While Travelling | Baked Chips | South Asian Groceries Online

Irrespective of age, everyone love to eat chips whether it be alone or as a side dish for lunch etc. Baked chips are a healthy alternative to the deep oil fried chips which are usually available handy. One of the best tongue-satisfying and tasty snack options for a road trip are these baked chips. Baked chips are not only healthy but delicious in taste and are available in a wide variety of flavours as well. Soya chips, oats, ragi, jowar, semolina, and sabudhana are a few varieties of baked chips that are popularly consumed. 


Healthy Must Foods/Snacks To Carry While Travelling | Crispy Cookies | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

On air trips travelled by plane can be easily accompanied by these light and crispy cookies. Cookies are ready-to-eat, crispy, tasty, delicious and also healthy available in a variety of flavours. They are the best option to satisfy your hunger at the nick of the moment. Baked cookies are always perfect for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Millet cookies, ajwain cookies, and quinoa cookies are one of the best options to carry with you on your aeroplane trips. 


Healthy Must Foods/Snacks To Carry While Travelling |Fresh Fruits | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant

Fruits are nutritious and are easy to carry on a road trip while travelling. Packing a few fresh fruits of your choice and enjoying them in your journey is refreshing as well as healthy avoiding your craving for food. Pack the fresh fruits as it is after washing them in water and remember not to chop them. If you chop the fruits and pack they lose all the nutrients and vitamins and even may spoil or get rotten once exposed to air. While travelling during summer, always pick up seasonal fruits like mango, watermelons, musk melons, plums and berries.


Healthy Must Foods/Snacks To Carry While Travelling | Khakhras | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant

A lot of people prefer healthy Indian snacks like khakhras which are lightweight and delicious. Khakhras are very popular among the Northern states and are available in a wide variety of flavours. A few healthy khakhra options are methi khakhra, oats khakhra, whole wheat khakhra, pani puri khakhra, pizza khakhra, normal plain khakhra etc. Whether it be travelling in a train, car, bus or flight khakhra is a must snack to fulfil your hunger. They are delicious, nutritious and healthy at the same time.