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Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu

Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me

Its hard to just have three meals a day without nosing on to something like snacks in the evening times. Whether it be working from office or home or anywhere, having hands on a few snacking items during the midday is a must. Also having the snacks during the midday is th best since your metabolism is in an active process and healthy. 


1. Chilli Spicy Air Fried Chickpeas

You must definitely try out these crunchy and crispy tender snackable chickpeas fried in the air fryer. The chickpeas are delicious and can be served as toppings for salads and soups. Its a protein packed healthy snack to fullfil your hungry craving.

Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu | Air Fryer Chickpeas | Spicy Air Fried Chickpeas | Online Grocery Delivery Near Me



Oats are fibre rich snacks with a lesser amount of whole wheat content flour. Preparing light and healthy cookies with oats and a bit of dark chocolate chunks as a snack serves as a quick perfect bite.

Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu | Oatmeal healthy Cookies | South Asian Groceries Online


Strawberries in addition to cream prepared into granola bars are a full packed fibre snacks that are perfect for breakfast or an on the go snacks. Dried strawberries with rolled oats, coconut flakes and freezed make a delicious snack combination.

Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu | Strawberry Granola Bars | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant Near Me



Who doesn’t love popcorn? Definitely not you and me! Kettle corn is popcorn topped with salt and a little bit of sugar. Kettle corn is sweet, fibre abundant treat that suits perfect for a movie night or a midday sugar craving filler.

Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu | Kettle Corn | Popcorn | Sweetened Popcorn | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant



Homemade apple chips are one of the healthiest and tastiest snacks to satisfy your hunger cravings. It is very easy to prepare them without consuming much time. Apple chips are the crispiest when you slice them to the thinnest. You can just make them in your air fryer directly at home. 

Snacks That Should Be In Your Menu | Apple Chips | Simply Desi | Indian Restaurant