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To try something different this valentine’s week, we explored a few ways to grab on desi food with a hint of spice, sweetness, colourful and a whole lot of memorable love. Desi food may not be everyone’s first choice for Valentine’s week but trust us it has a full list of ingredients to get that chilling love feel pumping. Valentine’s week is the true time to try out some sweet desserts and spicy dishes for your special someone to get through the whole taste of love. 

Valentines Week Desi Foods | South Asian Groceries Online

A romantic meal or dinner made by you for your partner shows that you have really put some great effort and thought behind a day, to show your honest feelings. Certain elements and ingredients whether it be aromatic spices or delicious desserts or heat-inducing dishes of desi (Indian) cooking are known for their love potion effects. 


Desi food has an endless range of starters to fill up your hunger to choose from. But let’s go on easy hands for the coming valentine’s week which will probably be simple. You can try out baked or shallow fried potato fritters with different chutneys like tangy tamarind sauce or mint coriander or coconut or peanut.

Valentines Week Desi Foods Potato Fritters | Indian Restaurant

On the other hand, you can also give a hand to a variety of stuffed fritters or pakoras with seafood, chicken, mixed vegetables, cheese whichever you prefer to. 


CHICKEN CURRY:When you and your valentine are chicken lovers, then nothing other than this chicken curry is a classic delicately spiced beauty. A perfectly cooked chicken curry adds extra love to compliment your love for your special someone.

Chicken Curry | Indian Grocery Store


EGGLESS VANILLA CAKE: A simple dessert to compliment a heavy meal for your valentine is a vanilla cake. You can skip eggs for this cake if you are on a diet and go to an eggless recipe for the same.

Eggless Vanilla Cake | Indian Restaurant Near Me


In a thickened and flavoured condensed milk, dip bread pieces along with saffron to compliment the dish with an extra aromatic flavour. Bake it accordingly and serve the dessert to your favourite someone.

Double Ka Meetha | Indian Grocery Online


Prepare custard with a mix of milk and eggs to add the irresistible sweetness of the dessert. Top up the custard with nuts, fruits and caramelised sugar for this valentine’s week. You can just cook it in a pressure cooker.

Caramel Custard | South Asian Groceries Online


If your favourite someone is a hard stan of coconut flavour then you can opt this dish which is impeccable for this occasion of valentines week special. Crushed coconut, ghee, khoya, dry fruits and sugar syrup all together make up a great sweet and compliment each other in the form of coconut barfi. 

Coconut Barfi | Order South Asian Groceries Online