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Fathers Day | Canadian Grocery Store Near Me

On every third Sunday of June of every year, people around the world celebrate FATHERS DAY which is now on June 19th of this year 2022. Fathers day is just dedicated to fathers, father figures and people whom we thought as they helped us to shape our minds playing a vital role in making our dreams come true.

While India follows the same day as Father's day, the US celebrates it on the third Sunday of June every year. Many other countries including Portugal, Italy and Spain celebrate the same Father's day on March 19th.

This year Fathers Day is celebrated on June 19th, 2022. In the year 1910, Washington YMCA Father’s Day was founded in the USA by Sonora Smart Dodd. In honour of her mother since Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s Day, having heard about this, Sonora founded Father’s Day and celebrated it on June 19th in the year 1910. 

Initially, Sonora was thinking to celebrate Fathers Day on June 5th which is her father's birthday, but due to the church time constraints, she ended up pushing this particular fathers day celebration to the third Sunday of June.

Fathers Day is a whole celebration of honouring the fatherhood, and parental bonds and celebrating how fathers play an important and vital role in the society.