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Different people from various religions and following various cultural activities reside in this world. Christianity is the second most popular religion in the world. There are a number of festivals that are celebrated by Christians in the entire world. One such festival is a good Friday. It is celebrated on Friday, mostly between 20th March and 23rd April. It is celebrated before Easter Sunday. This day is also called great Friday. It is marked as the Crucifixion Day of the Lord Jesus.

This step holds significant importance as it is remembered as the day when the son of God was crucified and buried. According to Christian belief, Jesus is the son of God. He came to the earth in the form of a human being. He lived on the earth with the people. It is largely believed that Jesus sacrificed himself for mankind.

On Good Friday, Prayers and meditations are held in various churches. People go to the church and remember the almighty in their prayers. They remember the Lord for his supreme sacrifice for humankind. In addition to this, Christians purify their souls by fasting. As this day is remembered in the name of sacrifice, people also mourn on this day. Rather than partying or performing any celebration, the pain and sorrow of Jesus are observed and remembered. Black coloured clothes are worn to Express their sorrow and grief.

The crucifixion of Jesus has a story to it. According to the beliefs, around 2000 years ago, Lord Jesus taught human beings about brotherhood, peace and nonviolence. His popularity emerged among the folks. On seeing this increasing popularity, the religious leaders thought of Jesus as an enemy of humanity. However, the son of God continued to teach his good virtues to humankind. But the political leaders were in no mood to accept the situation. So they issued the death penalty, accusing Jesus of treason. After this, he was crucified. They also inflicted many tortures physically. Finally, he was hung on to Cross with nails. It is believed that the word good stands for salvation which was brought by martyrdom.

The message that this day sends to humanity is that good always wins over evil. No matter how much you try to suppress the truth, it will always come out and your deeds will always be counted.

So, let’s end this with a powerful message on good Friday: May the glory of our saviour strengthen you and May his grace shine upon you on Good Friday and always!