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Keto Diet | Indian Restaurant Near Me

Living in a life of hustle and bustle, to achieve one's goal is majorly being tough. One thing that majorly gets neglected is health. Different kinds of diets have been discovered which have proven to improve health. The ketogenic diet, popularly known as the ‘Keto Diet’, is an HFLC (High Fat Low Carb) diet that provides innumerable health benefits. Regularly sticking to the keto diet mainly helps in your health improvement and also constantly losing weight.

Recent studies have shown that it also has several benefits against diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But the basic question that comes into every person’s mind is: What is the ketogenic diet and how does it work in the body? Now let's try to make everybody understand the concept.

As already mentioned, the above diet particularly has a high amount of fat contents in and less amount of carbohydrates. It involves reducing the carb intake and replacing it with fat. This helps the body to be in the ketosis state. Now you might be wondering, What is ketosis? When the ketone levels in the body increase, then we call that stage/condition of the body as Ketosis. Normally, in your body for energy usually uses glucose. 

During the stage of ketosis, ketones allow to gather the same energy derived from the fat. When we focus our incline on to more fats, the blood sugar gets culminating. As our body needs the energy to survive, the energy starts gathering from the fat in the form of ketones. Thereby, the individual excess fats are eventually brought down and further helps in the loss of weight. While this process goes on, keep in your mind to have the intake of the proteins moderate. The main reason is that when proteins are taken in high amounts, they can also be converted into glucose. 

Apart from this, this diet is also helpful in diabetes and pre-diabetes as it improves the insulin sensitivity of the body by a whopping 75%. To quickly know whether your body is in the ketosis state or not, you can just grab any of the strips or even have a test available in the market. If this isn't having time in your case, you can also verify the diet charts that are easily found on the internet. It is always better and advised to consult your dietician or a family doctor before starting yourself with a new diet plan for your body.

Foods to avoid during this process are sugary foods, grains or starches, fruits, beans or legumes, alcohol and unhealthy fats. Always keep in mind that foods like eggs, meat, butter, cheese, cream, nuts, seeds, avocados, low carb veggies and healthy oils are the ones to be given your first preference.

So the best way to keep yourself healthy with glow and fit is to start your day with KETO DIET and grow.