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As a popular saying goes ‘The  greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals’ , the same thing goes with Lohri. Lohri is celebrated in North India, particularly in Punjab. This traditional festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in every nook and corner of Punjab every year on 13th January. This day falls in the month of Paush or Magh according to Hindu Calendar.

Why is Lohri Celebrated?

This joyous day marks the culmination of winter season. People are filled with zeal as it signifies the harvest season as well. Farmers from all over come together and pray to the almighty for the good harvest of the year. Some people believe that this day signifies the start of financial year .

There is a very popular story that is also related to this festival.  A well- known folklore ‘Sundar Mundariye’ is the story of a man called Dulha Bhatti. Sundari and Mundari were two girls who were orphans. Their uncle wanted to make money by selling the girls in market as a slave. Dulha Bhatti was a bandit who became the savior of these girls and freed them. He got them married to two boys and arranged their dowry from the money that he stole from people. He convinced both the boys to burn fire in forest . And eventually, they got married. He gave both the girls their blessings as well. So this festival is celebrated in the remembrance of the good deeds of Dulha Bhatti.

How is Lohri celebrated ?

On this day, friends and family come together and light fire in their homes. People sit around the fire and enjoy the warmth of it. They sing and dance on different songs. They thank God and wish each other good luck . Celebrations are extra special in those homes where there has been a marriage or birth of a child. People are offered with peanuts, til, rewari , maize seeds etc. The night of this festival is considered to be the longest night in Hindu calendar. Younglings go to different households to ask for lohri and they sing the famous folklore ‘ Sundar Mundariye.’



Lohri is extremely loved by the people of North India ad holds a special place in everybody’s heart. People come together and share their happiness and joy with each other. They eat variety of cuisines and show their gratitude .  On this day , you can feel  a warmth of love that is wrapped in the air . Individuals living in India , as well as worldwide, celebrate this festival with a great deal of enthusiasm . So here’s whishing everybody a very happy Lohri. May this coming year brings abundance of love and joy in everybody’s life.