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Mothers Day | Indian Grocery online

International Mothers Day worldwide is usually celebrated annually on different dates in the calendar depending on the respective country. In the United States, Mothers Day is usually considered a legal national holiday on the second Sunday in the month of May. On mothers day people show their love and appreciation towards their mothers in different forms as per their efforts and availability.


Everyone including myself remembers their mothers and mother related figures such as stepmoms, mother-in-law, relatives, foster parent guardian, or even a family friend on this particular day in special. People celebrate the day in different ways which are many of a kind. 

They usually include and are not limited of course:

  • Family Visits and Gatherings are surely made.
  • Presenting Gifts, Cakes, Flowers and Cards.
  • Mother's Day Messages, Poems and Books.
  • Gifts usually include such as Chocolates, Jewellery, Accessories, Tools, Makeup Kits, Handmade Products, Clothing or even Gift Vouchers.
  • Personal wishes like video calls, and phone calls especially from kids and children who stay away from their mothers.
  • A day out to the movies with mothers, family breakfasts, lunches, brunches, and dinners, suppers at home or at a cafe or restaurant.

Hope you all helped with your mothers, and mother figures in their kitchen work at least if you were not able to make your time with them. A happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a beautiful mother.