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Problems You Can Cure With Food

Problems you can cure with food(but, not by eating them)

1) Disinfect a Wound
Pour a dab of honeyon a cut before covering it with a bandage. Honey has powerful antibacterial properties. One New Zealand study found that honey was capable of destroying almost all strains of the most common wound-infecting bacteria. Another equally good option, turmeric.

2) Repair Dry Skin
Try rubbing a small amount of sesameor corn oil over dry skin on your hands or feet, to add moisture and seal it into the area.

3) Treat Poison Ivy
Got itching? Get milk. This is one of the most commonly practiced problems you can cure with food. Soaking a cloth in cold milk and then holding it on your skin will dry out the rash of poison ivy and help ease the itch.

4) Soothe a Sunburn
A major problem you can cure with food is that you can use it to stop the itch and burn, mix together a bit of dry oatmeal and cool water. Make it slightly slushier than if you were going to eat it, and spread the mixture carefully on your sunburned skin. This will relieve the pain and help reduce swelling.