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Swad Alphansoe Mango Pulp 850G

Swad Alphansoe Mango Pulp is made using the most delicious breed of mangoes from Ratnagiri, in West India and is sure to set your taste buds on a guilt-free sweet trip. You can use this Pulp to make mouth-watering milkshakes, smoothies, mango cheesecakes, mango tarts and several other desserts, any time of the year. Swad Alphansoe Mango Pulp is one of the most seeked products, worldwide. Alphonso Mango is well recognized due to its unique taste, aroma, and superior quality. The size of these mangoes is about 4-6 inches and is even in shape. Its skin is inedible, and the color of ripened Alphonso mangoes are golden yellow.

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