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MDH Chana Dal Masala 100G

MDH Chana Dal Masala is a spice blend for washed grams lentils. Prepare with coriander, red chili, dry ginger, cassia, and other ingredients. The MDH Chana Dal Masala is an Indian Yellow Dal masala. Dal is a kind of staple food and is eat every day with rice and chapattis. The yellow dal is high in protein and extremely nutritious. But the dal masala helps to create the traditional mix of Indian spices for yellow lentils. MDH Chana Masala is a spice blend for chickpeas curry. Among spice blends, Chana Masala is a specialty of North India. Sprinkle in small quantities at the end of cooking, it adds a highly aromatic and slightly hot aroma to pep up the dish. The dal masala helps to create the traditional mix of Indian spices for yellow lentils. Easy to prepare directions for a delicious meal that everyone will love.

Chana dal or Bengal gram is a staple in India. It is also as baby chickpeas or split chickpeas. It has a delicious nutty flavour, and when ground, it is as besan or gram flour. So the flour and the dal are use in a variety of lip-smacking dishes. So it is an excellent source of vegetarian product.

Health Benefits:

It is great for the heart, strong muscles, better body immunity, healthy bones and muscles. 

Calcium - we have known how important calcium is for healthy bones and teeth. If you don’t like drinking milk or run at the mention of any dairy product because of your lactose intolerance, eat chana dal. 

Lowers Blood Sugar  - About 11% of chana dal is consists of fibre. The journal ‘Nutrients‘ published a study that find that increasing fibre intake can help in lowering blood sugar. Organic chana dal is especially good for type 2 diabetics. It has a low glycemic index too.

Aids in Weight Loss - Rich in fibre, organic chana dal in excellent for weight loss. The journal ‘Obesity‘ published findings that legumes chana dal also increase the feelings of satiety. When you get satiated faster, you consume fewer calories.

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