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Shan Pilau Biryani Mix 50G

Shan Pilau Biryani Mix has a perfect blend of rich and aromatic spices which helps you in preparing the perfect twist of Biryani and Pilau for an appetizing and flavorful treat. Pulao Masala is a spice blend used throughout India and the rest of the Indian Subcontinent as a flavorant while preparing pulao. If you love to eat pilau and biryani then this Shan Pilau Biryani Mix 50gm will provide you with the taste of both cuisines at the same time. So just bring this masala to home and enjoy some special pilau biryani time with your family. Cooking Pilau Biryani with this masala is extremely easy as all you have to do is to blend the masala with yogurt and add it into the rice mixture while cooking. It makes the cuisine yummy and mouthwatering because it provides your pilau biryani with a unique extravagant taste.

Recipe for Pulao Biryani:


Beef/chicken/mutton  - 500-750g (small cutting),  Rice - 500-750g,  Ginger paste - 1 tbsp, Garlic paste - 1 tbsp, Yogurt - 1 cup,  Milk  - ½ cup, Onion - 1 (sliced), Ghee/oil  - 1 ½ cups, Food color  - ½ tsp, Shan Pilau Biryani Masala - 1 packet.


1. In a pan add meat, ginger, garlic, shan pilau biryani masala, and 1-2 glasses of water.

2. Cover and cook on slow heat till meat tender.

3. When meat tender it has 1 cup of gravy.

4. Pour yogurt over meat.

5. In a separate pan boil 12 glasses of water, add 2 tbsp shan salt and boil rice till half has done.

6. Drain water and add milk to the rice.

7. Golden fry onion in ghee/oil.

8. Now in skillet spread rice overcooked meat, sprinkle food color, fried onion with ghee/oil.

9. Cover and simmer on low heat until rice fully cooks.

10. Mix rice and meat before serving.

11. Serve with green salad and raita.