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A-1 Falooda Sialkoti Vermicilli 200G X 2

 A-1 Falooda Sialkoti vermicelli is in distinct milky taste and flavor. Falooda is an iconic frozen dessert.  A-1 Falooda Sialkoti vermicelli will be ready in minutes because we just need to empty the contents of the pack into 300ml of hot water and stir well.

The Falooda believed to have evolved from the Persian Falooda and is now completely a part of India. It was spread throughout India by the Mughals. The popularity of the dessert in India has seen it enjoyed all over the world and numerous flavors being created. 

A-1 Falooda Sialkoti vermicelli is so soft, so smooth and so tasty. Full of flavors, tender ingredients, and sweetness, falooda is a complete dessert that can be enjoyed at any time. Each time you put a spoon of it in your mouth, a dash of sweetness and flavors melt and satiate your taste buds. Moreover, while the base of the dessert still remains the same, it is prepared and adapted in different flavors now with different ingredients, versions, and twists. The toppings and flavors can be changed as per your choice. You can choose your favorite ice cream, syrup, and toppings to the falooda to please your taste buds.

While there are many flavors, the foundations remain the same. Milk, ice cream, sev, and chia seeds all bring something different to falooda. A wide variety of syrups will create a unique tasting experience no matter which one you use to make falooda. As well as the delicious flavor, it even looks appealing especially with the layered effects of each ingredient. Different types of falooda such as Mango falooda, rose falooda, dry fruit falooda, kulfi falooda, and Mixed fruit falooda. These all flavors can be made with this  A-1 Falooda Sialkoti vermicelli mix.

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