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Brar's Rasmalai Kesar 12 Pcs 850G

Rasmalai is balls of cheese curds soaked in clotted cream and flavoured with different ingredients. Brar's Rasmalai Kesar makes a great dessert after lunch or dinner and can also be eaten as a snack between meals. Kesar Rasmalai is a popular milk-based dessert with dumplings soaked in thickened milk flavoured with cardamom and saffron. Brar's Rasmalai Kesar is 100 % vegetarian, light, fluffy, flavorful sweet. Rasmalai has low salt, low sugar, high calcium, high protein, and high mineral content. This dish is most certainly a labour of love; one that fills your senses once you have a spoonful of the milky soaked smooth dumplings laced with cream and the crunch of pistachio or almonds.