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Britannia Milk Rusks 560G

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Britannia Milk Rusks are the delicious medley of the finest quality wheat and an extra dose of milk. It's so delightfully crunchy & incredibly juicy that you will ask for more. Crunchy and loaded with the goodness of wheat, the Britannia Milk Rusk offers a wholesome teatime experience.  This is milk rusk which is basically bread that has been baked till it gets really crispy. It's very lightly sweetened and flavored with cardamom and fennel. Since rusks are dry and hard biscuits, they are best dunked in some liquid, like milk, coffee or my favorite thing to pair them with is chai. It becomes soft and just melts in your mouth. The Britannia Milk Rusks packed with energy and nutrition contains the goodness of milk. Paired with a steaming cup of tea, it can kickstart your day with a perfect crunch.