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Crispy Tea Rusk 200G

Crispy Tea rusk is the Indian version of Italian biscotti and is made much in the same way. It is baked with love not once but twice to achieve that delightful crunchiness we all love. These rusks are super crunch which are perfect to dunk in tea. Rusks are crunchy and slightly sweet. Tea Rusk is the perfect companion for tea with a pinch of Elaichi and Rose Flavor. Dip your tea rusk in a hot cup of tea to create the perfect harmony between taste and a crunchy bite. Crispy's Tea Rusk is a baked treat. Trans fat free. Cholesterol free. Vegetarian. No egg. Chai-time is not complete without delectable chai-time snacks - like the one in this package. Rusks do have some iron in them and added vitamins, but not a huge amount.

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