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Dabur Pineapple Fruit Nectar 1Lt

Dabur Pineapple Fruit Nectar is made of whopping 75% pineapple juice content for a sweet, healthy drink. It is delicious with unique digestive properties - a good choice in all seasons! You can inculcate the goodness of these healthy fruit juices in your daily life. Made from the best quality fruits, Real does not have artificial flavors and preservatives, and offers your kids not just great taste, but also Fruit Power - the power of fruits… the power to stay ahead. Dabur Real Pineapple Fruit is helpful in good digestion; in weight loss and is one of the best juices to boost the body's energy levels. Besides, the delicious taste of pineapple juice is an added bonus coupled with its nutritional qualities. A tall glass of this golden nectar is sure to get your family and kids addicted to its delectable taste.