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Deep Frozen Masala Paratha 5 Pcs 425G

Deep Frozen Masala paratha is an unleavened whole wheat flatbread made with an array of spices and seasonings. It is a variation of the plain Paratha Recipe with some spices added to them. Masala paratha is spiced but not spicy or hot or pungent. Masala Paratha is one of the best unleavened Indian flatbreads made with whole wheat. Parathas make a healthy breakfast option that keeps you full for long periods of time. So, Deep Frozen Masala Paratha is a much better choice for eating healthy parathas. As it is low in calories yet tasty and easy to digest. High dietary fiber, protein as well as minerals such as manganese, magnesium, iron, and copper make paratha made with this flour waist-friendly and heart-healthy.