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Chana Dal 4Lb

Chana Dal is also as bengal gram or split chickpeas. These lentils have a sweet and nutty taste. Chana dal comes from black chickpeas (kala chana). They are split and the outer husk is removed. These lentils are also powdered to give besan or gram flour. The flavors & taste of this Chana dal fry is North Indian. And the preparation is like the way we make in Punjabi households. Global Choice chana Dal is best with steamed basmati rice or jeera rice and a side raita, kachumber (salad) or a vegetable dish. You could also serve it with rotis or naan along with cucumber raita and some papads.

For faster cooking of the chana dal, it is best to soak them in water for an hour. You can cook the dal in a pressure cooker or in a pan. The chana dal should be cooked soft, so that these lentils are easy to digest. In general, it is best to consume dal during daytime as whatever we eat at night should be light and easily digestible. For example, moong dal is light and easily digestible, thus, it is completely okay to have it at night. But about 70% of chana dal's fat content has 'good fats'. These won't make you gain weight but instead, help in better heart health and support other body functions like anti-inflammation etc.


Chana dal is high in fiber, a rich source of protein and also a good option for people who are on a low carb or diabetic-friendly diet. It includes zinc, folate and calcium. Chana dal is one of those lentils that has a very low glycemic index and is suitable even to those with diabetics. Chana dal contains no cholesterol or trans fats, and virtually no saturated fat or sodium. It's a good source of zinc, and particularly rich in phosphorus and magnesium. A 1/4-cup (dry) serving provides 35% of your daily requirement of folate and 15% of your iron.