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Horlicks Classic Mart 500g

Horlicks is a sweet malted milk hot drink powder. Horlicks Classic mart is a health drink packed with nutrients and is used to support immunity. It is also clinically proven to make kids taller, stronger & sharper. Horlicks Classic Mart is also filled with a wide range of vitamins and minerals but should be enjoyed once a day as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. You can add 200 ml of hot or cold, milk or water to 3 heaped teaspoonfuls (2gms) of Horlicks. The main ingredients in Horlicks health drink are malted barley and wheat flour which are very nutritious. 

Horlicks is a leading force in the ‘Science of Food’. Horlicks has Bio-Available Nutrients meaning – Nutrients more available for growth. These get absorbed in the blood and are carried to all parts of the body.

It is important to ensure your child’s body receives the right amount of nutrients, as the food they consume daily may not always have bio-available nutrients. Try a health food drink like Horlicks to go along with your child’s daily diet. Horlicks contains 9 nutrients (Vit B6, B12, C, D, Copper, Folic Acid, Iron, Selenium, and Zinc) which are scientifically proven to support immunity. It Increases the density of minerals such as calcium in bones to give children bigger and stronger bones and is clinically proven for more hemopoietic nutrients in the blood. “Healthier Blood” refers to improvement in the levels of blood health-related nutrients (Vitamin A & Folate) in circulation.

Horlicks comes in various flavors like Horlicks Classic Malt, Horlicks Chocolate Delight, etc.. Horlicks can also be prepared with a variety of fresh ingredients in exciting delicious ways. A Banana blast or a fruit crumble.

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