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Lijjat Sindhi Masala Papad 200G

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Lijjat Sindhi Masala Papad is made with urad dal flour & mixed spices of black pepper, coriander, hing and jeera. This can be used as side dish with meals or can be used as a snack. Lijjat sindhi masala papad is from the world's most renowned brand of pappadums! a spicy papad containing crushed black pepper and cumin seeds. Sindhi Papad is a delicacy in itself. Crunchy and flavorful served with onion tomatoes and a hint of spices. Whether you fry it or just directly make it on the gas, papads will always be your first love. These are good source of protein and fibre. They are free from gluten and thus can be had by people with gluten intolerance.