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Modhani Dahi 3.2% 750G

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An Indian-style curd known to strengthen the immune system and aids in the digestion process. It's all-natural, with no additives or preservatives, and made with 100% Canadian milk. Modhani Dahi is a great source of calcium and can be paired with fruit, granola, or spices. Dahi or curd is a semi-solid product, obtained from pasteurized or boiled milk by souring, using harmless lactic acid or other bacterial cultures. Dahi may contain additional cane sugar. It should have the same minimum percentage of fat and solids-not-fat as the milk from which it is prepared. Where Dahi or curd, other than skimmed milk Dahi, is sold or offered for sale without any indication of the class of milk, the standards prescribed for Dahi prepared from buffalo milk shall apply.