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MTR Puliogare Paste 200G

MTR Puliogare Paste - Puliogare Paste makes the yummy tamarind (imli) rice with peanuts in the valid South Indian flavor tasty and peppery. MTR Daily Favorite is your reliable partner in the kitchen that assists you to make your family's each-day meal tasty and healthy. It can be utilized for preparing flavorful macaroni & vermicelli. Serve with curd, papad, coconut chutney. Puliogare Rice is a traditional South Indian dish comprised of rice, tamarind, and spices. It has a tangy and sour flavor from the tamarind, and a robust bite from chilies, coconut, mustard, pepper, and other spices. Simply mix MTR Puliogare Paste with cooked rice for a quick meal.