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National Mango Pickle 1Kg

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A mango pickle is a variety of pickles prepared using mango. It is very popular in South and Southeast Asia. These sour/spicy pickles are also available commercially. Rich in Antioxidants. High Nutritional Value. Rich in Vitamin K and High in Fibre. Also relieves digestion, nausea, loss of appetite, and motion sickness. Pickles are an indispensable part of world can make people mouth-watering. Pickles can boost your intake of antioxidants.  Mango contains a lot of vitamins and essential nutrients, eating one mango makes you feel fuller. Also, as it is loaded with fibrous content, it boosts digestive function and burns unwanted calories from the body. Mango pickles will enhance your food taste, and it will also help you with indigestion.

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