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Priya Biryani Masala Powder 100G

Priya Biryani Masala is a Spice blend for rice cooked with meats. Traditionally it is use in Indian Foods to balance the taste and help in digestion, This is a Vegetarian product, anti-microbial, anti-fungal. It prepared up of quality of ingredients. It can be used to prepare exotic biryani. It is very famous in South India for its unique cuisine. The spices used in this biriyani mix all have their health benefits. Priya Biryani masala powder is a spice mix that is used to prepare fragrant biryani. The perfect blend of spices for the perfect Biryani! biryani masala powder is an essential item in a typical Indian kitchen. Biryani masala has carminative properties, which also helps in fighting bloating, even nausea.

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