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Puja Greh Kumkum Powder 50G

Puja Greh Kumkum is a powder used for social and religious markings in India. It is either made from turmeric or saffron. The turmeric is dried and powdered with a bit of slaked lime, which turns the rich yellow powder into a red color. Puja Greh Kumkum Powder is also widely used for worshipping the Hindu goddesses, especially Shakti and Lakshmi, and kumkuma powder is thrown (along with other mixtures) into the air during Holi (the Festival of Colours), a popular Hindu spring festival. Kumkum is most often applied by Indians to the forehead. Thus, the kumkum is placed where Indians believe to be the most important spot for receptivity to be enhanced. Used for Social & Religious markings in Hinduism For Tilak and Pooja/worship. 

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