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Shan Bombay Biryani 60G

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Shan Special Bombay Biryani Masala is just perfect for the authentic mouth watering Bombay biryani. Bombay Biryani mix helps you recreate the authentic traditional taste of Bombay Biryani which is a true legacy of the sub-continental cuisine. Shan Bombay Biryani Masala is a ready-made spice blend for making tasty Biryanis. Bombay Biryani is a popular Indian dish prepare with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables. Shan Bombay biryani masala is of very superior quality. Because it is 100% natural and contains absolutely no artificial flavor and preservatives. Since this Biryani Masala is load with rich and flavourful spices, many people prefer it for lunch. So this ready-made spice blend acts as a flavor enhancer for many types of dishes and helps you save time in preparing the perfect Masala.