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Swad Kesar Mango Pulp 850G

Kesar mangoes from Gujarat make for great quality pulps that can be stored for use all round the year. Swad Kesar Mango Pulp is made, and packed in such a way that it can travel anywhere. And let people across the country enjoy Gujarat's authentic taste and flavour. This Mango Pulp is prepared using mouth-watering Kesar Mangoes from Gujarat. Kesar Mangoes are also referred to as being The Queen Of Fruits. Right from the farms of Gujarat, the juicy Kesar Mangoes are squished to perfection and canned to never let Mangoes go off-season. The mango pulp is crafted to satisfy your sweet-tooth in the most delicious and healthy way. You can use Swad Kesar Mango Pulp to make mouth-watering Milkshakes, Smoothies, Mango Cheesecakes, Mango Tarts, And Several Other Desserts.