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Tetley Ginger Flavour 72 Tbags

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Tetley assures a perfect cup of tea every time. Enjoy a superior cup of tea from Tetley. Made with premium choice teas selected and blended to perfection. This is a richer blend of Tetley's finest teas for a more aromatic and satisfying brew. It is also a natural beverage rich that is rich in antioxidants. Premium black tea blended with ginger flavor. Tetley Ginger Flavour has lively and spicy taste. Tetley Premium Tea is now selected and Blended with ginger flavour, lending a lively and spicy taste to your cup of tea. It is also a natural source of antioxidants. Tetley Famous round tea bag has 2000 perforations to allow the full-bodied flavour to flow through. 

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